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Focus on Success

Bringing Success into Focus

Focus on Success continues Project Infinity's dedication to Educational Equity, as one of our newest initiatives leveling the academic playing field for homeless youth.  This new program provides financial assistance to families to help cover the cost of eye exams and/or glasses.


Vision issues in childhood often go untreated and make achieving academic success more difficult.  For students experiencing homelessness with vision problems, it makes success even more challenging.  According to the American Optometric Association, 61% of children found to have vision problems through screenings, never visit the doctor.  Untreated vision issues often cause the student to have lower levels of comprehension and work inefficiently.  But vision problems can also mimic the signs/symptoms of ADHD and lead to misdiagnosis. 


Vision health is important, now more than ever.  Focus on Success will provide financial assistance to help cover the cost of a comprehensive eye exam with a board certified optometrist or ophthalmologist, new or replacement corrective lenses, as well as any necessary upgrades, for those who have been identified as having vision problems. 


Proper diagnosis and treatment of vision issues can not only improve a student's reading performance and comprehension, but improvements can also be seen in other areas outside of the classroom.  Good vision is needed to develop effective hand-eye coordination.  For those playing sports or learning to drive, they need to have a wide field of vision, good depth perception and clear distance vision. 


Vision is more than just the big "E" on the eye chart, which is why we are committed to Bringing Success into Focus for homeless youth.

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