Project Infinity is a grassroots organization, led by formerly homeless individuals who envision of a world where a true level playing field exists; a world where homeless students and those in transition have equitable opportunities for academic success.  Charged with eliminating barriers that interfere with education, our organization seeks to meet the scholastic needs of homeless K-12 youths in West Metro Atlanta.

Dedicated to Educational Equity, Project Infinity's mission is to ensure that Students Are Only Limited By Imagination, Not Resources.  Our goal is to provide children in transition with student-centered, individualized support and services through our pilot program; which has been designed to meet 15 educational needs, provide resources and opportunities to equip, empower and enable homeless students to achieve the same levels of academic success as their housed peers.  

Project Infinity is the vision of Ms. Paula who after her own experiences as a homeless parent and then later, working with families in transition as a school system employee, has a unique dual perspective of the obstacles to education that homeless students face.
Professionally and personally, Paula can attest to the hurdles involved in achieving academic success in the midst of crisis and instability.  She knows how grim the homeless education statistics are; but she also knows what it takes to defy those statistics.  Her daughter beat the odds, graduating from high school with distinction and going to college on a HOPE Scholarship.
Project Infinity exists to prevent students in transition from falling prey to their circumstances, to beat those same statistical odds; so that Paula’s daughter’s success story would be the norm for homeless youths and not the exception.