A BIG thank you to all who participated, volunteered, partnered, supported, and sponsored our National Youth Homeless Awareness Month campaign and activities last month.  Because of you, we will be able to close learning gaps and bridge the digital divide for 5 more students.


Another HUGE thank you to everyone involved in "Feeding the Success" of 32 students and their families at our Harvest Breakfast and Holiday Food Giveaway event for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

Did You Know?

Homeless Students...

...are 7x more likely
to attempt suicide We partner with licensed therapists and mental health professionals for counseling and trauma-informed support. 

...have a 4-6 month learning loss from just a single move.  We provide private tutoring  and learning pods with Certified Georgia Teachers to close any learning gaps and to improve academic outcomes.

...have an 87% dropout rate.  In addition to tutoring, we also offer students learning style assessments, financial literacy education and SAT/ACT test prep.  

...have a 12x higher pregnancy rate.  Our evidence-based Personal Responsibility Education Program aimed at preventing teen pregnancy, STD’s and sexual violence.

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