Due to COVID-19, we have had to shift our priorities and temporarily suspend our regular programming in order to focus on the more immediate, pandemic-related disparities and the urgent educational needs of our homeless participants.

                                      continues to be dedicated to Educational Equity for homeless K-12 students through the pandemic.  In direct response to the coronavirus, we have launched our newest program, Making the Grade on the Go for highly mobile transient youth.

We developed this program, because Students Should Only Be Limited by Imagination, Not Resources.   

Our goal is to lift the limits off learning, equip participants with the tools and opportunities for success. We offer them academic continuity.  Students in this program will have full access to all resources, including a virtual library, hot spots and tutoring for the entire school year, even if they relocate. 

We need your help to Make the Grade for them.  Your monthly donation provides: connectivity, technology, tutoring and other vital services.

Engaging, Educating, Equipping and Empowering Our Homeless Youth

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